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Frankie  Howard-Mason
is honored with a  Brick
from  Ms. Frankie Howard-Mason

Frankie V. Howard-Mason

The Maverick Days

1960 First African-American Female - Kansas Girl State - appointed State Supreme Court Judge

1965 First African-American Female - Wichita State University - KMUW Continuity Director

1966 First African-American Female - Wichita Heights High School - Student Teacher Speech and Drama Department

1967 The "Initiating" Charter Member - Wichita State University - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Epsilon Alpha Chapter

1968 Bachelor of Arts, Education - Wichita State University First African-American Female from Kansas - IBM, Inc., Office Products Division, Marketing Support Representative, St. Louis

1972 First African-American Female from Kansas - League of Women Voters Board member in Plainfield, NJ

1975 First African-American from Kansas - League of Women Voters board member, Houston, TX

1985 First African-American Female from Kansas - Alameda County Office of Education, Juvenile Delinquency Division - Teacher

1991 First African-American Female in Kansas - Advisory Board Chair, African-American Male Leadership Academy, Wichita

1999 First African-American - Director of Activities, International Education - Wichita State University

The Family Matriarchs

Grandmother -- Victoria Hightower, First African-American woman mortician in Kansas
Mother -- Xavia Hightower-Howard, first African-American woman "licensed" funeral director and embalmer
Daughter --Robbyn L. Mason, CPA and manager, Ernst & Young
Granddaughter-- Ryan Kiara Mason, "in training"

The Family Torch Bearers

Rufus Hightower, maternal grandfather Walter Palmer Howard, paternal grandfather Frank Edward Howard, father Robert H. Mason, Jr., husband Robert Frank Mason, first son Ryan Howard Mason, second son Jordan Robert Mason, first grandson